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B is a fantastic letter. B is in all the beautiful, big, bold and brave words. Better is a close friend of his. Better be brave. Better be beautiful. Better be bold. See? Better be beautifully brave. Even better.


Ok, enough with the word games. B is also in business. Which keeps all of us busy, sometimes more than we like to. Sometimes we’d like to reduce our workload. Give tasks away or don’t even accept them. Even though we love our jobs, we love the prospect of being successful, of completing a task and move on to the next challenge; we could do with a little help. Outsourcing might be an option. A great plan B, if you will.


As a translator, writer and proofreader, I provide support to your communication departments - to overcome the overload. 


If you feel this could be an option for you, do consider it. And try it.


A great text can do the trick – and reduce your number of revision loops.





Anne Hoeck

Specialized Translator, M.A.
T: +49 163 4815888
Anne Kroschinski