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H like #hashtag ... what an amazing development! The first e-mail was sent in 1971. The first short message in 1992, saying "merry christmas". Nearly 30 years later, we're smart, using mobile phones to send updates, pictures, links with a simple click to our friends and communities. Social media networks support our businesses, making campaigns possible that reach our various target groups around the globe. And we're curious what's to come when virtual reality hits our every day and business life - how will that affect marketing and communication? Some ideas have already been sketched.


In the meantime, we carefully plan our campaigns, including social media. As in every other communication, it needs to be clean and pure: no spelling mistakes, the right tone of voice, text and images in line. As a writer and proofreader, I can help you with that.


Find out about my professional language services for social media now.


A great text can do the trick – and reduce your number of revision loops.




Anne Hoeck

Specialized Translator, M.A.
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