Economics & Finance

Economic and financial texts often serve as decision templates, reflect the current market situation or even have certification purposes entailing legal consequences. An accurate translation based on sector know-how is vital for a professional result and your legal safety. 


In the field of economics and finance, I translate your articles, conference papers, blog posts, press releases, annual reports, pitch presentations, internal magazines, newsletters, etc. Working experience from the private sector adds just the right ounce of expertise. Let's use it to your advantage.


Marketing texts are supposed to help you achieve your sales and business goals. That is why they need the right finishing touches to call their readers to action. I translate documents related to your internal and external corporate communication with a special focus on your brand message and target group. Marketing texts are, e.g.: brochures, flyers, info leaflets, reports, event invitations, magazines, Power Point presentations, press releases, circulars, speeches or websites. 



Film, television and radio broadcasting

When translating for the film, television or radio industry, technical aspects or subsequent work often needs to be taken into account. I offer translations that can later be used by interpreters or speakers, rough translations of image / corporate films for subtitling or dubbing purposes (incl. time codes if required), synopsis for festival catalogues or trade fairs and exhibitions, etc.

Anne Hoeck

Specialized Translator, M.A.
T: +49 163 4815888
Anne Kroschinski