A full desk already, a colleague called in sick... the newsletter has to be finished anyway. Does that sound familiar?


Reduce your workload and hire me as a writer. 

Based on your briefing or notes I draw up your newsletter, article, blog post, SEO text or social media post. 


I also revise existing texts and documents according to your requirements.


Social media writing:

Quick and to the point - that's what you need here. Don't hesitate to get in touch, no matter if you need immediate assistance or if you are planning a campaign and would like to prepare a series of posts.



To inform your customers regularly about your company's activities is an important way to stay connected. Newsletters can be planned ahead very well and are thus ideally suited for outsourcing. Why not hire a writer to support your communication department?




What I need from you to provide the support you desire:

  • Number of signs or words
  • Delivery date
  • The medium where the text is going to be published
  • The audience / target group you want to address
  • Images you want to show in your text, if already available
  • Please provide a tone of voice guide, if applicable



Anne Hoeck

Specialized Translator, M.A.
T: +49 163 4815888
Anne Kroschinski