Reflections on the alphabet

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Like giving or gratitude. In Togo, 50 euros can make a big difference and prevent 3 people from losing their eyesight.

Like "friends". We all need friends along the way. Also in business. Find out about one of my friends. Maybe you want to say hello.

I like the experience. That’s what I can say after 4 months in (part-time) freelance business ...

Like “delegate”. Not so easy. I know. Well, there’s always a first. And when that time arrives, you want to be safe. Delegate to an expert. So you can relax and focus on the rest of your tasks.

C like “common mistakes”. A classic one is about translators themselves. A lot of people think translators transfer “home language” into a foreign language. The truth is: They’re not.

B is a fantastic letter. B is in all the beautiful, big, bold and brave words. Better is a close friend of his. Better be brave. Better be beautiful. Better be bold. See? Better be beautifully brave. Even better.

A is the first letter of the alphabet. It’s a start. It’s also an important letter in Artificial Intelligence, AI in short. Why does anyone start a freelance translation business in 2018 where AI is keeping businesses, people and clever minds busy?

Anne Hoeck

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